How To Choose The Best Size For A Logo On Custom T-Shirts

Much like the custom t-shirts you’re printing, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to picking the best size logo to go on a t-shirt. When discussing options with your client, the first thing you must do is learn who will be wearing the shirts. Different audiences favor different things, and knowing your audience will help you determine if they prefer a big and bold or small and subtle logo.

Who’s your audience – age and image

What size should a logo be depends on several factors, including the age of the target audience. If they’re a younger crowd, you can afford to be bolder, louder, and brighter, with a larger logo, even placing the logo in a non-traditional location on the t-shirt.

If the audience is older, you’ll want to consider a smaller, more subdued logo in a traditional location, like the center of the chest or on the left chest.

Your client’s brand image plays a major role in deciding what size a logo should be, as well. Again, if the brand is youthful, there’s more room to be creative and think outside the box. Conversely, more conservative brands tend to feel comfortable sticking to neutral colors and smaller size logos.

What’s the shirts purpose?

Consider how and why the t-shirt will be worn – as a company’s uniform, a giveaway item, or advertising?

If the shirt is to be used as a form of advertising, it’s a good bet your client will want it to be seen from afar. In that case, a larger logo is necessary, perhaps on the back of the shirt with a small logo on the front of the left chest. However, if the shirts are to be worn as a uniform, then perhaps a smaller logo – even just a small, left-chest logo – is the way to go.

Objects may appear smaller (or larger) than they appear

An important lesson to keep in mind is that when you print the same size logo on different t-shirts, the logo will appear larger on the smaller sizes and smaller on the larger sizes. This is an optical illusion.

To create a separate screen for a different size logo for each size shirt can get very expensive quickly. So when printing on multiple sizes of shirt, we recommend fitting the size of the logo to the most popular size t-shirt for your audience – usually an L or XL.

Yes, the logo may appear slightly larger on the smaller shirts – although it’s actually the same size logo – but the logo will be perfect for the most worn size shirt, and this way you only have to absorb the costs of one size screen.

A good way to test the size of the logo is to use a ruler and print off your logo on a piece of paper, then hold that up to the t shirt to determine if the logo is the correct size and to make sure it looks good.

Bigger isn’t always better

Remember, sometimes it’s better to error on the side of smaller, because if it’s too large, then your audience may not feel comfortable wearing it, likely because they feel like a walking billboard. The last thing we want is for our clients’ t-shirts to end up at the bottom of the dresser and never worn.

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