Warm, dry and flexible – New Storm Dfend™ Gear Redefines Weather-beating Athletic Outerwear

AUGUSTA, GA. (September 27, 2017) – Nothing’s worse in sports than having to make a tradeoff – trading finesse for power, accuracy for distance or speed for endurance. For years, there’s been an “either / or” tradeoff in weather resistant athletic outerwear. Players and fans facing off against the elements grab either a bulky, weatherproof softshell or a light and flexible fleece that just can’t stand up to cold and rain.

As of now, that “either / or” is no more.

The new Storm Dfend™ from Holloway Sportswear delivers the best of both worlds in weatherproof wear by incorporating a comfortable, breathable, high-stretch fabric that feels like a lightweight pullover but delivers true weather resistance. The Storm Dfend™ collection is specially infused with a water-resistant finish to turn flexible fabric into a weather warrior. Designed to provide the warmth of a heavyweight jacket with a lightweight fit and feel, it’s a perfect solution to combat that early-season chill or pop-up drizzle.

Warm and dry. Light and flexible. Sleek and secure. Simply put, it’s weather wear without sacrifice. The Storm Dfend™ system is available in a range of colors and styles including jackets, pullovers and vests.

Check out the new Storm Dfend™ – and the more than 700 products available from Holloway Sportswear – in our fall 2017 catalog at http://www.hollowayusa.com/storm-dfend.


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