Professional Baseball Jersey Trends

No other sport is steeped more in history and tradition than baseball – sometimes to its own detriment. However, for many fans, this is part of the charm and allure of the sport. They remember going to the ballpark with their mom, dad, and brothers and sisters, or listening to the play-by-play call on the transistor radio as a kid. It’s these fond memories that they can draw back on and that make them the fan they are today.

So the question is – where does the old school meet the new school, and what are the trends we can expect to see as we look forward to the upcoming season?

Functionality over tradition

Traditional baseball jerseys are double-knit blends, but we’re seeing a trend to polyester blends which do a much better job of wicking away moisture and helping keep players cool – a must for the long, hot summer season.

Custom fit

In a day and age when just about anything can be custom-made or custom-fit, it’s no surprise that baseball jerseys are no exception. No longer do players have to simply give their size and get a uniform from the equipment room. Now, each player’s measurements are taken and their jersey is tailored to suit their needs and preference. So whether a player like a form-fitting jersey or prefers a baggier look, their wish is the uniform maker’s command.

Throwbacks aren’t going anywhere

If you grew up in the 80s, you remember one of the most iconic baseball jerseys from that time – the powder-blue Philadelphia Phillies jersey. Well good news, it’s making a comeback for select Phillies games this season, and there’ll be many more throwback uniforms to transport you back to the good ol’ days.

Easier to read wordmarks

In the past, wordmarks have often been difficult to read because of the chosen font. However, we’re likely to see a rise in teams experimenting with the wordmarks on their jerseys, predominantly in an effort to make them more legible.

Trend Watch

Although 2018 is sure to see new and interesting trends develop, we’ll want to keep an eye on 2019 when Under Armour replaces Majestic as the sole, official uniform maker of MLB. What will this upstart company bring to the table, and will they be allowed to experiment, update, and modernize the traditional baseball jersey?

When your clients are ready for this season’s baseball jerseys, keep these MLB trends in mind and look to Augusta Sportswear for top-quality jerseys.  

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