Logo Placement on Shirts & Jerseys

Approximately 90% of all logos are placed in one of a handful of traditional logo-placement spots on shirts and jerseys. Choosing the proper logo placement on shirts ensures that you and your work will look professional. Other factors can go into where to place a logo, including the size and type of garment.

On most shirts and jerseys, the logo will be either a full-front placement or a left-chest placement.

A full-front placement is kind of an anything goes, no-limits placement. There is a traditional center-cut placement, but don’t be afraid to create a modern, bold look with an offset placement. You have a keen eye for design, so trust your eyes and what looks “good” to you. Most customers will be comfortable with a more modern take, as long as you are confident in it.

The other traditional logo placement option is the left chest, which can be done for most any type of garment, from shirts and jerseys to sweatshirts and jackets. The key thing to remember when placing a left-chest logo is that you’re placing the logo with the center of the logo in mind. This is usually between six and eight inches below where the shoulder seam meets the neckline of the shirt, and four inches over the centerline of the shirt.

Placing a logo is often a trial and error exercise, so when adjustments need to be made, start off small, making ¼” – ½” adjustments as needed.

Remember that the logo should look exactly the same on all jerseys and shirts, no matter the size of the person or shirt. In other words, you should be able to look at a team of players lined up and the logo should look like it’s in the same spot on each player, whether they’re short or tall, slender or heavier.

Placement templates are available and are an excellent tool to utilize, as are hooping aids which help make sure logos are placed accurately and consistently.

To really get an accurate feel and visual of how the logo and jersey will look on a person, you should place it on an actual person so you can see how the garment looks and how the logo drapes and centers on the person.

Here are a few general guidelines for t-shirts and jerseys to help you get started.

  • On a jersey, the top of the logo’s design should be placed between two and three inches from the bottom of the neck’s edging.
  • For t-shirts, the logo should be placed between seven and nine inches from the shoulder’s left seam and four to six inches from center.

As always, the best practice is to communicate openly with your customers to understand their preferences. You should also communicate at this time any potential problems you may encounter, as well as the costs associated with their design.

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