It’s a Brand New Day

Augusta Sportswear Brands is rapidly evolving, and the transformation is quite exciting.

If you’ve been to the Augusta Sportswear Brands website or have taken a look our latest catalog (released this month), you’ve probably noticed they are both…well…different.

2018 has been a big year for Augusta Sportswear Brands.

We merged our brands onto one website that was been painstakingly tested and redesigned to provide the very best possible user experience for our customers. In April, we merged all of our brands into a single catalog that saw similar design and ease of use improvements. The addition of Russell Athletic rounded out our athletic brand portfolio by bringing in a brand with a great reputation and which gives our customers even more options in football, baseball, softball, basketball and basics.

But company websites are updated all the time. New catalogs are released frequently. This is nothing new. When we say, It’s a Brand New Day in our new brand anthem video and messaging, what do we mean?

For David Goerke, Vice President of Marketing at Augusta Sportswear Brands, the answer is simple. “It’s a new day for our brands, but also our people. We’re putting a jolt of energy, authenticity and emotion into our marketing,” he explains. “It’s a timely campaign designed to tell our story and let everyone know we are stepping up in this highly competitive industry.”

These are strong words, and we don’t take them lightly. Authenticity is key to our storytelling approach. When you flip through our September catalog, watch one of our videos, or browse our website, the models you see are also athletes who excel in their sports. Our marketing channels aren’t just tools for ecommerce—they’re where we’re sharing our brand beliefs and stories.

Our strategy is straightforward: Bring in more top talent to build amazing products that we can tell the world about in genuinely inspiring ways.

“We’ve only just scratched the surface on telling our story and differentiating our brands and apparel,” says David. “I’m excited about what our team is doing to set us apart from our competition. We’re building strong brands that mean something and resonate with coaches, athletes, our customers and grassroots sports fans everywhere. Our brand advocates make us better, because we’ve made them just a little better.”

Build. Share. Be relevant. Get better. Repeat.

It’s a Brand New Day.

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