High Five & Women’s Soccer: A Perfect Fit

Shrink it and pink it.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with this phrase, you’ve seen this flawed approach in many products developed for women. It’s an easy concept. Just take a product, make it smaller, and give it a pink hue. What this overly simplistic approach misses is how to create products women actually want and will use (or wear).

For decades, the world of women’s soccer uniforms was no different, but as female athletes continue to gain gender parity on and off the field, this is changing. The clothing athletes wear matters, and not just from a performance standpoint. In creating designs that cater specifically to women, we’re saying, “We hear, respect, and support you.”

In 2015, High Five recognized the need for a female-specific soccer uniform with the Ladies Hawk Jersey and Shorts. While it was a complement to the existing Hawk line for Adult and Youth, it was specifically tailored to a woman’s proportions, making the uniform an asset instead of a distraction for female players. In Spring 2018, High Five launched the Anfield Jersey and Stamford Shorts as a complement to the Adult/Youth Anfield Jersey and Stamford Shorts. Both sport elite styling and performance features to enhance the game of female athletes.

The Difference is in the Details.

The Hawk Jersey & Shorts in Action

Our women’s soccer jerseys feature a shorter length body and sleeves with contoured shaping to provide a trim (but never tight) fit. A high V neck offers comfort and coverage, with overlapping edges to provide more give without binding. Our women’s shorts were designed with a contoured rise shaped for a woman’s curves and a shorter inseam for ease of movement, while still providing coverage from every angle. High Five also offers custom Sublimation styles with even more freedom to reflect the personality of any women’s soccer team.

“Women are looking for performance, comfort and fit that inspires confidence,” says Emily Quilter, Design Director and Senior Merchandiser at Augusta Sportswear Brands. “As women’s sports programs grow in notoriety, the market continues to evolve to meet the needs of the female player–far from the shrink it and pink it approach to women’s sport products of the past.”

Moving forward, Augusta Sportswear Brands will continue to address this evolving market, with more design options and products developed specifically for the female player.


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