GameTime – Fundraisers and Sponsorship Opportunities

Welcome to our final installment of our GameTime! blog.  This blog series is meant to help you find new revenue and cost opportunities for your customers in this unprecedented time.  Today, we’re going to cover fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.

Below, we have created a curated list of some of the best companies we’ve come across that truly make a difference in youth sports through new and innovative models to fundraising.  We’ve also indicated where you’re able to get a discount by mentioning Augusta Sportswear Brands. 

Thank you for following along with our GameTime! blog series.  We hope it will become a helpful guide for your customers to find real solutions in this extraordinary time.


The following groups are leading fundraising resources that are ready and willing to assist your organization.

LeagueSide makes youth sports sponsorship easy and scalable for brands and youth sports leagues.

Through LeagueSide, brands can now reach families in the community at scale and youth sports leagues can focus on what matters-providing the best experience for families.

Over 8,000 organizations have uploaded their available sponsorship inventory onto the LeagueSide platform. Brands provide campaign goals and targeting information and LeagueSide’s platform finds the perfect organization.

LeagueSide’s platform with League Coordinators to execute the sponsorship and provide metrics to brands.
Evan Brandoff, CEO

Super Fan is the only fundraising company with licensed products from all major sports leagues and over additional 100 colleges and universities. 

Participants receive their own personalized store to reach supporters all over the country. Each sale will generate a 40% profit margin for your organization.

Super Fan’s online stores give you the ability to reach families everywhere and will pack merchandise individually by participant, eliminating days of sorting as you distribute to your fundraiser participants.

Use GametimePromo1 and mention Augusta Sportswear the contacting Sports Fan for an additional 5% discount.
Mark Geddis, CEO MAr
954-233-2137 makes it easy for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits to fundraise online with no tipping points or hassle.

It’s easy to create a beautiful, inspiring, online-fundraising page with Simply upload a photo or video with your story and you’re ready to go. can invite supporters by email, Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking sites in just a few clicks.

Derek Belfield, Account Director
Crowd Funding specialist

Tap N Pay

TapNPay+ provides an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Simply Tap and Pay in-store or online at any of their 270+ national brand partners and receive instant cash back upon every purchase. The TapN’Pay app then generates a direct donation to your organization.

TapNPay+ provides a unique and enjoyable twist on supporting all organizations by putting the power in the palm of the user. TapNPay+’s partners are some of the largest brands across the country. There is no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn. 

Use TapNPayPromo1 and mention Augusta Sportswear when contacting TapNPay for an additional 5% discount.

Mike Dokmanovich, CEO

Green Bee

Green Bee offers sports-based fundraising programs that provide organizations a great profit return with little effort. Green Bee invented these programs back in the 1970’s and they work even better using today’s mobile and social technology.

Green Bee has multiple fundraisers available all year long to help raise targeted fund needs. Just provide a few details about your organization and they will determine which program is the best fit.
Mike Domanovich, CEO

Sponsorships and Grants

There are many organizations that can offer your league sponsorships and grants.  Here’s a sampling of some of the companies that can assist you with attracting potential sponsors or grants.

Gatorade Youth Partnerships

Gone Outdoors

Women’s Sports Foundation

Land O Frost

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

Jersey Watch article

Jimmy Johns


Let us know how your organization is using fundraising and sponsorship to assist with budget shortfalls. Need any help finding sponsorship opportunities? Connect with us on social media and using the #GametimewithASB for assistance!

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