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Welcome to Part 2 of our on-going, weekly series – GameTime. This online blog is meant to help you and your customers find new revenue opportunities and save costs in this extraordinary time.  Last week we covered cost saving opportunities in both team apparel and equipment.  Read the article here.

This week is all about harnessing the power of community through fanwear.  Whether you are #COVID-Strong, #AloneButTogether, or #TeamFauci, fanwear helps unite and connect us to our school, our team, our cause and our community.  There is has never been a better time to be connected by fanwear.  Let’s get into it!


A custom fanwear store can unite your organizations’ supporters and serve as a great source of revenue to help offset fixed costs that a team may incur, even in a shortened season.

Sheltering at home in recent months has amplified our desire for social connection and the need for a sense of belonging.  Youth sports have always helped connect players, coaches, family, friends and the community to something bigger than themselves.

Below are examples of how you can utilize custom eCommerce platforms to easily sell and fulfill custom fanwear stores using products available from Augusta Sportswear Brands.

Protective Face Covering Stores

Schools are re-opening all over the country via online, in-person, or some combination of both.  Their budgets have taken a huge hit due to the crisis.   Protective face covering stores with school logos are a great to show school unity across the entire school – kids, parents, teachers, and school administrators – while also generating much needed revenue.  The same applies to youth sports coaches, players, and parents.  Check out our wide assortment of masks, gaiters, bandanas, in both traditional decoration and sublimation.  All of our face coverings come in youth sizes.   

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Hashtag Stores

COVID-19 has forced us apart, physically distancing teams, families, and friends.  It’s canceled seasons and significantly altered youth sports.  Teams have a new resolve and the emotional pull to band together is fervent.  Hashtag stores are a great way to generate revenue while creating the connections we crave during this time.  Let’s stay strong together.  Below are some ideas on potential hashtags:

COVID-19 ideas: #strong, #undefeated, #alonebuttogether, #whereyourmask, #stayhome, #covidsurvivor, #quarantineandchill, #covidiots

BLM ideas: #blm, #blacklivesmatter, #georgefloyd, #justice, #icantbreathe, #sayhername, #breonnataylor, #justiceforblacklives, #movementnotamoment

Also, if you’re looking for great new products to fill your store, below are some of our best new collections that are an essential part of any fanwear store. 

Ivy League Collection from Augusta Sportswear Brands
Ivy League Collection
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SeriesX Collection from Augusta Sportswear Brands
SeriesX Collection
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9-11 Collection By Augusta Sportswear Brands

The 9-11 Collection by Augusta Sportswear Brands

This year, we will be commemorating the 19th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy on a Friday night.  We believe this will create an opportunity for the entire country to show its support for the men and women that lost their lives in a prominent way – on the field and in the stands at every high school football game across the country.

More Resources:

Next week on Part 3 of GameTime, we will discuss opportunities to find revenue and save costs through Fundraising and Sponsorship. Tell us how you are using fanwear to connect with your community using the #GamtimewithASB on our social media platforms.

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