FreeStyle Sublimation: Taking Small Business, Corporate, & Event Apparel to the Next Level

Sublimation printing continues to gain popularity in the apparel industry, and with good reason. This versatile digital printing method offers a world of possibilities. Dye sublimation technology heat-fuses colors, designs and logos directly into the fabric, rather than just on top of the fabric (like in screen printing or heat transfer).

Corporate Event Sublimated Garment

When most people think of sublimation, they think team uniforms. Utilizing this method means team logos, player numbers and other design elements are completely customizable, and they won’t peel or fade. But savvy trend-watching business owners know this combination of almost unlimited design options and quality make sublimation printing a great option for corporate organizations, small businesses, and events as well. The custom apparel you choose to represent your business or organization has a major impact on how it is received.

Creating sublimated apparel and uniforms in a typical sublimation builder, however, can be a time-consuming process that makes doing your taxes look fun by comparison. That’s because most sublimation builders are behind the times, requiring a seemingly endless series of clicks on a clunky interface. And mobile-friendliness? Forget about it.

Augusta Sportswear Brands is ready to disrupt everything you know about sublimation builders with their new state-of-the-art sublimation design experience, FreeStyle Sublimation.

Freestyle Sublimation Logo

Freestyle Sublimation differentiates itself from other sublimation options in the industry through its sophisticated, yet simple interface. Users are able to design custom apparel via desktop or mobile devices at a game changing speed across all four brands (Augusta Sportswear, Holloway, High Five, and Russell Athletic).

“The FreeStyle Sublimation experience is designed to bring brands to life,” says Brad Sullivan, VP of Custom Solutions at Augusta Sportswear Brands. “This innovative design tool allows our customers to leverage the limitless creativity of sublimation with just a few easy selections. Simply select your colors, upload your logo, and instantly present your client with an impressive library of virtual images.   Combine this leading design experience with fast and reliable delivery to take your corporate sales to a new level.”

Whether you’re planning on introducing custom sublimated apparel to your product offerings in the near future, or you’ve been selling sublimated garments for years, Augusta Sportswear Brands wants to make this part of your business as simple (and perhaps even fun) as possible. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start designing today!

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