How to Design a Soccer Jersey

In the world of soccer, soccer jerseys are not only a sports uniform, but for many, an icon, a recognizable symbol of team, country, or regional honor and pride. Soccer fans associate well-known jerseys with iconic games and moments in time. They proudly wear these jerseys as a testament to their fandom and devotion to their favorite team or player.

Part of what makes professional soccer jerseys so special is that they are easily recognizable. Most soccer fans can take one look at a jersey and immediately know what team it is, which is exactly what you want to keep in mind when starting to design your own jersey. What will set it apart from the rest of the crowd?

When it comes to how to design a soccer jersey, there are a couple of options – the tried and true, simple and classic or the bold, bright and daring. Pick the theme that speaks to you, and that will be the basis for how you complete the rest of your design.

Color options

First, start with a color scheme. If this is for a school team, the school’s colors are the obvious choice. If it’s a club team, think about color combinations that meet your original theme – if you’re into simple and classic, all black or navy may be the way to go.

If you want to get noticed by going bold and daring, try pairing a bright blue with a lime green, or something similar. There are so many color combos out there, so take some time examining them and pick the one that best suits your team.

What other elements go into the design of a soccer jersey? There’s the jersey’s design itself, as well as the colors and color scheme, text and wordmarks, and logos and sponsors’ logos.

Customized logos

One of the most fun design elements is logos. Sure, you can usually choose from a wide selection of stock logos, but if you or someone you know is artistic, you can create your own custom logo, taking into account the elements and characteristics of your team, city, or region.

Don’t forget to consider logo placement, especially if you have sponsors for the team. Your client may already have an agreement in place, but if not, you’ll want to prominently feature the company that’s supporting the team.

Customize your jersey

Our High Five soccer jerseys are customized using sublimation. You select the cut of the jersey, the design, colors, lettering and numbering, and the logo (including a custom logo if you have one), and place them where you want.

Take some time to research classic looks from the past and sleek, modern looks from today, and incorporate your favorite elements into your own design. Remember, have fun with it and you can create a look the team can feel good in and be proud of.

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