Custom Soccer Jersey Tips

You’ve probably noticed an increase in the call for customized garments and jerseys. It’s not just you – this is an industry-wide trend. People are becoming more and more used to the ability to customize many of the products they buy, from clothes and shoes to sports equipment, electronics, and automobiles.

Teams and organizations are no longer satisfied with boring, off-the-rack uniforms. They want to add their own flavor and style that shows who their team is and what they’re about.

So how do you go about creating a unique, custom soccer jersey for your customers?

First, you need to get a sense of their style by asking a few questions. What style are you trying to project? Bold and bright or traditional and understated?

What feature do you want to highlight? The team name? Logo? Player names? The sponsors?

Team logo

The team logo holds a place of prominence on the left chest over the heart. These logos can be sewn, embroidered or even printed on. Common logos include shields, soccer balls, or other elements of the sport, but they can be absolutely anything the team desires. They can also include the team name, and they can be any color the team chooses, regardless of the team’s color scheme.

There’s lots of room for customization here, and really, the sky’s the limit. Teams can mix it up and have a little fun with a unique character, perhaps one sketched by an artistic member of the team for a true, personalized touch.

Team sponsors

Sponsorship is a key element in soccer, and the sponsor’s logo can usually be found on the front of the jersey, often times on the right side of the chest, opposite the team logo. Sometimes you’ll also find it on a jersey’s sleeve.

Be sure to check with the team’s league because each league usually has their own rules for what’s allowed and not allowed when it comes to sponsorship logos. Customizing this element may not be an option.

Name & Number

With a custom soccer jersey, remember that the player’s number must be on the back of the jersey. This is the only non-negotiable element. But that’s not to say that customization can’t be done. For instance, the font, color, and size can all be customized.

Many teams want a player’s name on the back of the jersey as well, usually on top of the number, but for a modern, unique look, it can go below the number as well.

Any color can be used for the name and number, but remind your customers that they’ll want something that contrasts with the jersey color and is easily distinguishable, both for the game officials as well as fans.

Block numbering and lettering are common, often in black or white, but this is another area where experimentation and imagination are rewarded. Think outside the box and customize your own design. You can present a traditional option to your client, then wow them with your own unique creation.

Jersey design – not just flat or striped

Traditional soccer jersey designs are usually flat, striped, or color-blocked, but once again, the sky is the limit when it comes to custom soccer jerseys. Digital printing with more complex patterns is available, so clients can choose anything from squares to diagonal stripes and geometric patterns.

Communicate and listen to your client’s wants and needs. Have a few mock-ups of more traditional designs as well as some of your own custom soccer jersey creations. You and your client will then be well on your way to soccer jersey greatness!

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Note: Check with your local governing rules prior to creating any custom jersey designs to ensure league compliance.

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