Augusta Sportswear Group Introduces True Hue Technology

AUGUSTA, Ga. (February 28, 2017) – Augusta Sportswear Group (ASG) has introduced the latest innovation in decorating technology with True Hue. Set to launch in May 2017, True Hue technology not only prevents dye migration in screen-printed or heat-transferred products but also eliminates the potential for print discoloration.

Before True Hue, customers ran the risk that fabric dyes would migrate through decoration, resulting in slower production, longer shipping periods and poor decoration quality. ASG takes the risk out of the customer’s next job with the True Hue guarantee. Customers can be assured that True Hue products are executed correctly the first time and that ASG will replace any True Hue style that has color migration post decoration.

Exclusive to ASG, True Hue is the easy, stress-free, decoration solution and makes customers more efficient and profitable.

Browse Holloway Sportswear Seismic and Electrify 2.0 products with True Hue technology.

Browse Augusta Sportswear Kinergy products with True Hue technology.

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