Augusta Sportswear Brands Announces Integration with PromoStandards

The B2B Promotional Products industry is changing rapidly every day. Customers want simplicity and a sense of ease and confidence that their orders are being accurately sent and received.  

Augusta Sportswear Brands is pleased to announce it has fully integrated with PromoStandards to streamline its e-commerce platform. PromoStandards is an organization that collaborates with promotional products professionals to create open guidelines that improve customer experience and reduce transactional friction.

Points of transactional friction can range from product pricing discrepancies, to incomplete purchase orders, incorrect style numbers, unknown decoration costs, unclear imprint locations, and incorrect color variants. With Promo Standards in place, these errors are greatly minimized.

PromoStandards is a dedicated group of distributors, suppliers, and service provider visionaries committed to improving supply chain efficiency in the promotional products industry. The group creates and publishes integration standards that assist trading partners to electronically integrate for more efficient transactions and supply chain. PromoStandards includes Inventory Availability, Order Status, Order Shipment Notification, Product Data Media Content, Product Pricing & Configuration, Purchase Orders, and Invoices.

Stephanie De Paula, Channel Manager for PPD at Augusta Sportswear Brands, was instrumental in moving this implementation forward. “We’re excited to announce our house of brands is live on PromoStandards. This is a tremendous accomplishment for our IT Team, and helps us to build upon our already excellent Best-in-Class customer experience.”

At Augusta Sportswear Brands, we continually strive to maintain industry-leading open standards that enable us to execute the highest levels of customer experience. With PromoStandards in place, we’re fully equipped to serve our PPD customers with enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

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