6 Facebook Groups Every Screen Printer Should Join

Whether you’re considering starting a screen printing business or are a seasoned professional, there is always room to learn a little bit more. Sometimes you’re just looking for a quick answer to a question and other times you need help figuring out why you’re making the same mistake over and over.

Thanks to the connectivity of social media, there are several Facebook groups that can provide insights, answers to burning questions, and a simple camaraderie among those who know the highs and lows of screen printers.

Check out six of our favorite Facebook groups below and see what you can learn from your fellow screen printers. Who knows? You might even be the one others turn to for expert advice!

Screen Printing Newbies

With nearly 3,000 members, this group is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about screen printing in general. Perhaps you screen print for a hobby or your business is just getting started – wherever you are as a newcomer, this is a great resource for all things screen printing. Here, you can ask any questions, so ask away without fear!

Screen Printing Q&A

With a much larger base of 10,000 members, there is likely to be someone here who has encountered the same issue you have. If you’ve got an issue that’s really stumping you, or a new technique you’d like to learn, this is the place to go. If you are a veteran screen printer and love to share your knowledge, join this group and impart your wisdom to others.

Direct to Garment Printers Society (DTG)

If Direct-to-Garment printing (DTG) is your specialty, this is the Facebook group for you! Whether you’re looking for recommendations on where to get DTG products, ink, printers and other tools, or just want to share your creations with like minded individuals, this group will meet all of your DTG needs.

Heat Press for Profit

While this is a closed Facebook group, anyone can request to join. Here members focus on the business aspect of heat printing. They want to share their knowledge on how to make a profit and provide tips and tricks to help you increase sales. Sharing ideas, garnering inspiration, or just asking questions – joining this group will only make you better at your heat press printing business.  

Sublimation and More

Do you specialize in sublimation? Then this is the hot spot for you. With the goal of inspiring others and sharing knowledge, this group focuses on helping you find quality products to create the best sublimation merchandise possible.

Screen Print Marketing

If you’re thinking about starting your own screen printing business or you’re just getting started, then this is a great resource for tips on how to grow your business. Chat with experienced screen printers and learn some successful marketing techniques to increase your sales.

Do you have a favorite Facebook group for screen printers? We would love to hear about it – drop a comment below!

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